PSAT Results

2014/2015 Juniors who took the PSAT in fall 2014:

In coordination with the PSAT results you receive from Mr. Manz, please view the PowerPoint below. If you are unable to open the file, I welcome you to arrange a time to view it with me in my office.

Download file "psat_results.ppt"

For more detailed information, you may read the following resources:
Download file "guide-to-understanding-psat-nmsqt-scores-2014.pdf"

I appreciate your willingness take advantage of this life-preparation tool!


PLAN ... Ahead!

Please click on the link immediately below (next line) to view a PowerPoint on using your PLAN results.
Download file "InterpVisual.pptx"

Attention Defiance High School SOPHOMORES --

The PLAN is coming on Thursday, November 7 at 8:00 AM in DHS' study hall room 109. In order to reserve your spot, you must pre-pay $13 to Mrs. Westrick in the main office. Arrange your finances to get on the test-taker list ASAP! We want you to register by Friday, October 11 ... or BEFORE!

For more preliminary information, open the following file:
Download file "PLAN Intro.pdf"

ACT describes the PLAN test on this website:

For a more detailed understanding of test-specifics, open the file below:
Download file "PLAN Sample Test Questions.pdf"

AND ...

For a useful study guide, use this file also:
Download file "PLAN Study Guide.pdf"

Contact Mr. Manz with any questions or concerns!



Attention ALL Defiance HS Sophomores:

Are you eager to improve on how you positively interact with others?
Want to represent Defiance High School at a powerful, expenses-paid retreat?
Boost your resume and life-prospects by applying to HOBY!

For detailed application information, please open the following pdf:
Download file "HOBY - 2014.pdf"

For further understanding, go to:

Also, feel free to contact Mr. Manz with any questions!


Cleveland Institute of Art

Yesterday, I attended an annual articulation at BGSU. A representative from Cleveland Institute of Art supplied me with electronic information about her school -- no printed copies. So, this post makes those pdf files available to anyone wanting to further your creative pursuits!

Download file "13-14_CIA_Travel brochure.pdf"

Download file "13-14_CIA_At a Glance_Fall.pdf"

Download file "13-14_CIA_Application.pdf"

Download file "13-14_CIA_portfolio tips.pdf"

Beautify our world!
Mr. Manz



Attention Defiance High School JUNIORS --

The PSAT/NMSQT is fast-approaching on Wednesday, October 14 at 8:00 AM in DHS' study hall room 109.

Approximately 10 spots are still available. In order to reserve your spot, you must pre-pay $15 to Mrs. Westrick in the main office. [Mr. Manz has a limited number of fee waivers for eligible students who privately contact me on a first-come/first-served basis.]

Arrange your finances to get on the test-taker list ASAP! Because scholarships are at-stake, taking this test is especially a no-brainer for students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Attention ALL PSAT test-takers: read the link below SOON in order to prepare yourself for this important test:

Contact Mr. Manz with any questions.


OGT Review

Fall 2016 OGT testing begins Monday, October 24, 2016. The schedule is as follows:

Mon. 10/24/16 = Reading
Tues. 10/25/16 = Mathematics
Wed. 10/26/16 = Writing
Thurs. 10/27/16 = Science
Fri. 10/28/16 = Social Studies

Mon. 10/31 - Fri. 11/04 = Makeup Testing (as needed)

Please use the following links to prepare for your subject areas in advance:
Math, Science, & Social Studies Review Links
Science OGT Practice Work
OGT Resources - Ohio Dept. of Education

Also, you may open or download the documents below to prepare for any/all subject(s) in which you're testing!
Download file "OGT_READING-1.pdf"
Download file "OGT_MATHEMATICS-1.pdf"
Download file "OGT_WRITING.pdf"
Download file "OGT_SCIENCE-1.pdf"
Download file "Social Studies Workbook-1.pdf"

Best wishes for testing seriously -- to pave your way to graduate,
Mr. Manz


Stumbling at Studying?

Feeling Frustrated?
Developing key homework strategies

Homework is an extremely valuable part of learning. Though you probably think it's a pain, it really does help you develop many key life skills while cementing lessons taught in class. Here are a few helpful tips.
  • Count on having homework every night. Even if you've completed your assignments, take time to review them. It's easier to catch errors the second time around. Also, don't forget long-term assignments like research papers; start planning ahead. Finally, take advantage of work time at school get a good start on homework. This will help you develop solid studying habits through time management and by self-discipline.
  • Don't let homework intimidate you. It's part of your learning process. It stimulates the brain to process and retain important concepts that can benefit you later.
Defiance Public Library

  • If you're having problems with an assignment, check with your teacher or look for free homework help that might be available in your area. Many public libraries offer either a live or online homework service. The Defiance Public Library System offers the following link called a "Homework Survival Guide" (click on the green-lettered links in this article to go to that site).

  • Tutors are also helpful. At Defiance HS, we have MATH tutoring on Wednesdays in room 103 from right after school until 3:30 PM, Mondays in room 103 from 7:15 - 7:45 AM, and on Tuesdays & Thursdays in room 105 from 7:00 AM until school starts.

Ask Rose
  • Another option is "Ask Rose" for free MATH & SCIENCE homework help by phone. College students are available from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM on Sundays through Thursdays if you call (877) 275 - 7673 [(877) ASK ROSE]. You may also submit questions through

Khan Academy

  • Finally, you can find re-teachings for many of your lessons by using the Khan Academy app on your iPad. Lessons are listed within subject areas.

  • Make homework a routine. Find a place and set a consistent time for doing it. Typically, it takes three weeks to develop a habit. By practicing your new homework routine, it should become second nature before long.
  • Completing homework is one aspect of your study skills. While homework focuses on a specific assignment, studying goes beyond that to enhance understanding of the concepts and topics taught in class.

Homework tips for parents
Parents can help students establish good homework skills. Tell your guardian about the homework motivation ideas provided for parents at

Improving study skills
Developing good skills and habits in high school will not only help a lot now, but also in college and later in life. The workload can get much more difficult in college, so going the extra mile now will definitely pay off later on.

Some good study skills to develop:
  • Schedule your studying. Don't let it become just another item on the to-do list that remains undone. Schedule a regular time and place. Keep distractions to a minimum.
  • Ask Questions. If a concept doesn't make sense to you, ask someone to explain it. Talk with a teacher or even a classmate who gets it. Ask questions until you feel you have a grasp on the topic.
  • Make studying a regular habit. Don't just focus on getting homework done. Really put effort into learning, understanding and applying what you've learned in class to your life.
  • Go beyond the assignment. Writing helps many people retain information, so take advantage of that and write down key points from reading assignments, make flash cards or create your own practice tests.
  • Avoid distractions: use your iPad2 as a tool, instead of misusing it as a distraction. Discipline yourself to thoroughly complete your work before making time for pleasure.
Studying is really about developing a set of habits and skills that work best for you. Like any habit, it can be difficult to get into a routine, but stick with it and you'll find it gets easier.

[Adapted from ACT's "News You Can Use" -- November 2011]

Dare to Be Different --> Disciplined


Engineering ... Your Future?

To explore options for future success, serious students may travel to faraway places. Such efforts can pay off through enhanced understanding of how to go far in life. Whether Defiance, Ohio, is close to you or somewhat distant, you can benefit from Defiance Senior High School's Engineering Evening.

This 12th annual event is Tuesday evening, November 15, 2016, from 7 - 9 PM in our high school cafeteria. The Maumee Valley chapter of the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers is our sponsor.

This year's guest speaker is Anne Zweibel from Hardesty & Hanover. Her topic is "Notes from a Career in Bridge Design." We also plan to have engineering/technology professionals from a wide array of specialties in attendance to discuss their areas of expertise. Further, we anticipate having college representatives of engineering/technology training programs.

Our question and answer period allows audience members inquire directly with professional engineers and college representatives. Then, the Engineering/Technology College Fairlets you personally approach professionals and higher education institutions for further information.

Students, parents, professionals, and the general public from the entire Northwest Ohio region (and beyond) are welcome to attend. Plan to come enjoy the evening! If you know anyone else who might be interested, please share this information with them. This is a wonderful opportunity -- right at our fingertips. Don't let it slip away; seize the moment and enhance your blueprint for a successful future!

Contact information for Defiance High School students:

Contact information for the general public:
Mr. Samuel Manz, M.S., LPSC
(419) 784 - 2777, extension 173

The icon below is a flyer describing the event. Please click on it to enlarge.

Note: If you print the poster above as a full-page, I recommend enlarging it to 111%, printing page 1 only, and avoid printing backgrounds and headers/footers.


Balancing Vegetables and Dessert

In each class, your average for the entire semester (1st quarter / 2nd quarter / Semester exam combined) must be a D- or higher in order to earn graduation credit for the class. Any failed classes must be repeated or made-up in summer school to regain that credit.

How do you feel about the amount of effort you have put into your classes? If you failed any class or got a lower grade than you wanted, start 2nd quarter with determination to eliminate distractions that block you from proving your ability. Remember, you maintain control over how you use your time and energy.

After talking to many students about grade concerns, I see room for improvement in focusing, taking responsibility, and using self-control. What are your priorities in life? With entertainment options and your social life drawing your attention, who has time for responsibilities like completing school work carefully, studying for tests, and helping with chores at home?

It may help to compare life to a meal. Personal responsibilities related to school, work, and home maintenance are like vegetables. Typically, people find vegetables to be less tasty and more difficult to consume than other foods. Yet, they are nutritious toward maintaining good health. Keeping up with your school work and family responsibilities may seem burdensome, but they help keep you a stable, well-balanced person. Enjoying entertainment and socializing are the desserts of life. At least for the moment, they can seem sweet, pleasant, and desirable. Still, too many sweets can cause decay and harm your health. That sugar-high can crash and leave you feeling empty. Unfortunately, many teenagers' lifestyle choices (excess video-gaming, texting, etc.) are like stuffing yourselves with "dessert" and leaving little-to-no room for "vegetables" (homework, test preparation, chores, etc.). So, your "health" suffers.

What is the solution? Eat your vegetables FIRST! Make sure you've thoroughly completed your life responsibilities before allowing a moderate amount of "dessert." Saving the fun stuff for after the responsibilities are done correctly helps motivate you to keep going. This approach also makes the fun stuff more enjoyable because you no longer feel guilty about avoiding what you should be doing instead -- those responsibilities are already done! Living life this way requires discipline and continually reminding yourself of your purpose and vision ... to have a successful life.

Whatever your first quarter was like, head into the rest of your life ready to prioritize those vegetables and keep the tempting desserts in their proper place and balance!


Kuder Navigator

"What are you going to do when you grow up?" This frequent question can either remind students of your already-established goals, or make you squirm about needing to consider your future more.

Refreshing news -- Defiance High School students have a wealth of career information available at no cost to you! [Normal cost is $29.95.] Through a partnership with Four County Career Center, each DHS student can set up an account through through the Kuder Navigator online system. Then, you may use the site throughout high school.

Mr. Manz introduces this program to 9th graders in Health classes. So, most 9th graders either set up an account in the fall or during spring semester. The rest of you (grades 10 - 12) should already have an account from your freshman year. To log on again, click on the green-worded link below:

Kuder Navigator for Ohio Students

However, you may not remember how to get onto the site. If you've forgotten your password or even your username, please contact Mr. Manz. I can look up your username and reset your password. *** If you were absent during my 9th grade presentation or moved-in since then, please contact Mr. Manz to set up your account. My e-mail is <>. *** I hope to hear from many of you -- your future is important!

How can using Kuder Navigator help plan your future?
  • Take up to 3 assessments to a.) connect your top interests with career clusters, b.) review your skills and explore matching careers, c.) match your work-related values with enjoyable careers. Your combined assessment results will point you toward meaningful career options.
  • Explore occupations based on your interests and how much training you're willing to get after high school.
  • Search for college or training programs by specifying what kind of school you want, where it is, and what you can study.
  • Make an education plan and discover financial aid options.
  • Prepare for the best possible job by creating and storing résumés, cover letters, and references -- updating them when necessary.
  • Search for jobs and research employers using various on-site links.
  • Keep your own portfolio with your education plan, assessment results, and favorites (careers, schools, scholarships, etc.) from the site.
For more details about what the site can offer, see the images below. Click on each page to enlarge it for easier reading.
Kuder Flyer - Page 1
Kuder Flyer - Page 2


Four County Career Center

Defiance High School students have the option of attending Four County Career Center for their last 2 years of high school. While Four County is not for everyone, it certainly is an excellent choice for many students. You may attend college after Four County. Our Four County students may still participate in Defiance athletics. Your diploma comes from Defiance High School just like your classmates. Many students appreciate earning graduation credits while learning useful job skills through hands-on activities every school day.

According to its website, Four County offers the following advantages:
  • Look forward to school! Make the most of your high school experience by learning in a field of interest.
  • Get connected! Meet students who have similar goals, interests, and talents in a professional environment.
  • Experience the best of both worlds! Participate in Defiance High School activities while learning skills for a lifetime.

Click on the green words below for a list of the various programs Four County offers. [Once there, you can click on any program name for more details about it. Note: Software Design & Web Development is not listed.]

On Tuesday, November 22, 2011, Mrs. Lori Meienburg, Four County's school counselor for Defiance, will visit our high school to share how Four County can enhance your future. Sophomores with last names beginning with the letters A - L will meet with her in the cafeteria from 1:30 - 2:00 PM. The session for sophomores with last names beginning M - Z is from 2:10 - 2:40 PM. Sophomores will select 2 Four County programs to visit in December.

On Thursday, December 8, 2011, all sophomores have a field trip to Four County to visit 2 programs there. Even if you have no plans to attend Four County, it is a good career exploration experience. Students will be called down during 1st period. We will return toward the end of 4th period.

After the field trip, applications for the 2012/2013 school year at Four County will be available from Mr. Manz. The priority deadline is February 1, 2012. Certain programs fill up fast, so it's important to meet the application deadline for your best chance at getting your #1 choice. Grades matter -- work hard to earn the grades and credits for Four County to select you!



Due to privacy concerns, I have removed the alphabetical list of students selected to attend "We Are STEMM" from Defiance High School. To inquire about whether or not you were selected, please email Mr. Manz at <>.

The event is set for Friday, November 18th during the school day. Students will be called down to leave at about 8:25 AM, so go to 1st period that day. We will return to the high school around 2:00 PM or slightly before -- in time for 9th period. It is your responsibility to arrange make-up work with teachers ahead of time. Lunch, freebies, and a valuable experience are provided! See Mr. Manz for more information.

Selection was based on speed of completing the application process, current grades, and teacher input.



Welcome to my counselor connection! I hope to use this site to communicate opportunities to pursue success.

If you want to contact me to request a meeting or privately discuss personal concerns, please email <>. Otherwise, you are welcome to leave comments here. However, I monitor all comments, so don't expect your feedback to be publicized.