Friday April 4, 2014

Sample of an outline
Download file "#1 New Orphan Trains outline.docx"

Have your first and last name on the top right hand side
April 21, 2014
Time of class

By Monday have your introduction completed, your outline typed (written if you cannot take your I Pad home) , and your notecards categorized and labeled.


Thursday April 3, 2014

Introduction in progress, but the sample might show you how to begin your paper. Remember to build some backstory and then proceed to lead into the thesis statement.

Download file "final new opener.docx"


Wednesday April 2, 2012

Here is a sample Works Cited Page. We learned about this MLA Works Cited Page and typed ours on Wednesday in class.

Download file "Works cited orphan train.docx"


Friday March 7, 2014

Purdue MLA format for a book citation...Download file "MLA Works Cited Page.docx"


Wednesday March 5, 2014

English 11: Vocabulary test on Gatsby words
Selection of Research topic. We will use MLA and the Index card system to write the paper this year. Buy a set of cards ASAP.

Use the following link to examine topics related to the 1920s.
Download file "1920s Research Topics.docx"
Also: Here are the basic guidelines for the Research Paper...
Download file "Research guidelines 2014.docx"

Creative Writing: October Mourning: Tribute to Matthew Shepard. Part Two


Tuesday March 4, 2014

English 11: Review last night's homework by sharing sample sentences from Chapters 3,4,,5,6.
Continue to create sentences for Chapters 7,8,9 and to prepare for Wednesday's vocabulary test.
Period 4 will go to Northwest State for College Day

Creative Writing: October Mourning by Leslea Newman. Reading and discussion of the poems written in tribute to Matthew Shepard.


Monday March 3, 2014

English 11: Hand out outline of Gatsby Day with suggestions to make the day run smoothly and with ideas for food contributions.
Check to see if vocabulary from weekend is done.
Vocabulary quiz is Wednesday.
Period 4 will miss class Tuesday due to College Fair field trip.
Today students will work in groups of two or three to create sentences using the vocabulary words.
Tonight write sentences for the words in chapters 4,5,6.

Download file "Gatsby Day.docx"

Creative Writing: Read Book Thief from 100 to 200 by Monday March 10th. As always, expect a quiz and be able to prove accountability for your reading. Please feel free to write annotations in the margin of the novel Book Thief. Reflect on what you read in the margins as you read. This will make you a much more mature reader.

Today we wrote SIX WORD MEMOIRS ...

Here is a copy of last week's quiz so that you can see the types of questions you will be asked.

Download file "Book Thief !.docx"


Friday February 28, 2014

Download file "Vocabulary from the book.docx"
Gatsby Test
Gatsby Day is next Thursday


Wednesday and Thursday Feb 26&27

Complete The Great Gatsby movie
Collect Voc. 7-9
Hand out all Gatsby work to study for test
TEst on Friday
Timelines due Friday
Work on timelines in class Thursday as time allows.

Creative Writing Class

Wingsparks 3,4,5
Clerihews 3,4,5,
Above samples do not count
Story with Hospital terms but not about a hospital should be finished.
Read up to page 100 of Book Thief.


Tuesday February 25, 2014

Download file "Gatsby 9.pdf"
English 11: Chapter 9 Quiz
Vocabulary review sheet/handout. Begin in class and finish at home.

Creative Writing:
Don't forget to complete up to page 100 in The Book Thief for Friday.
Journal entry for the day: Which living person do you most despise?
Activity: List items that can be found in a hospital. After done, write a story that includes all the words on your list, but does not set your story on or near a hospital!


Friday February 21, 2014

English 11: Begin working on The GReat Gatsby timeline
Watch part of the movie
Finish Ch. 9 for Tuesday check this site for a free audio version of this book and go to chapter 9 It's a very easy to listen to rendition of the chapter

Creative Writing
Finish a few more posters
Read chapters in The Book Thief . We will read up to page 36 in class.
By next Friday you should have up to page 100 completed.


Thursday February 20, 2014

English 11:
Finish reading chapter 8
Handout of key events of chapter 8 will be discussed prior to finishing the chapter.
Students need to add key events as they finalize their reading of chapter 8.

Creative writing:
Journal: I am optimistic about... watch Pharrell's Happy Video firsthand

Complete the poster for the hallway.


Wednesday February 19, 2014

Registration for Senior Year. Mrs. McCann will come into the class.

English 11: Hand in Chapter 7 packets for Gatsby after going over question # 41 as a class.

Begin to read Chapter 8.

Further discussion of research paper topics which also could be related to any topic from the Great Gatsby.

Creative Writing:
Continue to work on and glue up posters.


Friday February 7,2014

Creative Writing: Snow poems or journals....Situate students near a window with drifts or up in a journal or poem.

English 11:
Hand in 25 questions from last night's Chapter 4 reading at the beginning of class.
In groups of two answer the Chapter 4 questions I have for you. Address the vocabulary also.

Monday: 25 question and answers for Chapter 5 Gatsby


Thursday February 6, 2014 we had a snow day yesterday and a two hour delay today and an assembly which will throw the schedule off tomorrow AND we have pre-registration in the library with Mrs. McCann on Monday for the entire period. I guess that leaves Tuesday as the next available day to take the STAR test and to show reading growth!

In English 11 today...quiz on Chapter 3 of Gatsby.

Homework tonight: Read Chapter 4 of Gatsby. Write down twenty-five questions and answers from the chapter. These comprehension questions should be neat and will be handed in at the beginning of class on Friday.

Homework for the weekend: Read Chapter 5 of Gatsby. This should be completed by next Monday. Again, each student will need to come up with a list of 25 comprehension questions and answers to be handed in Monday when we meet in the library with Mrs. McCann.

Independent Reading. Are each of you always reading an independent choice of a book at home as you have been instructed to do? (My bookshelves in the classroom seem to be VERY full, indicating that many of you have quit reading independently)... One cannot expect to keep up with the junior students in the REST OF THE NATION if one is not mature enough to read on his/her own. All of your hard work WILL pay off on the ACT... and for those of you who do not take advantage of reading you will find that your ACT scores are going to show just that. I know that I have presented this CAVEAT (warning) to you over and over this year. Some of you have bumped it up a notch while others just will not heed the warning. Again, choose a magazine or a graphic novel or an on-line newspaper if you need a break from the fiction or non-fiction. Just because you are covering Gatsby in class does not mean that you cannot supplement with a variety of other reading in your spare time.

Creative Writing:
Fortune Cookie messages turned into writing prompts.


Tuesday February 4, 2014

Gatsby Chapter 2...finish study guide and discussion
Begin Chapter 3 and discuss
Finish Chapter 3 for homework...due tomorrow (Wednesday)

Creative Writing:

Vertical telephone number poem

Create a Priority List and justify your choices from the following list. First list in order from top to bottom...
Marriage, friendship, loyalty, honor, family, Education, love, wealth, power, Career and respect.


Monday February 3, 2014

English 11

Quiz over Chapter 2 - Gatsby
Discussion of Ch. 2
Movie for 20 minutes
Chapter 2 worksheet/study guide

Creative Writing...

Vertical name poetry. Use middle name also if the other two names are too short.

Storymatic. Take 3 or 4 cards from the box and create a story from their prompts.


Friday January 31, 2014

English 11: Study and discussion in class of 2nd part of Chapter One of Gatsby.
Assign Chapter 2 of Gatsby to be completed by Monday. Begin oral reading of Chapter 2 in class.

Creative Writing:
Journal entry - 10 minutes - DEATH
Read aloud chapter one of The Book Thief


Thursday Jan. 30, 2014


Study questions and discussion of the first half of Chapter One which was read last night.
Hand out maps of Long Island Sound
Hand out and put all papers in the notebooks.

Creative Writing:
Journal Prompt*** Equality. Discuss and present to class
Discuss poster creation for Alive and Kicking


Wednesday January 29, 2014

Two hour delay! At least we had school!

Finish posters. If your poster is not completed by the end of the period it should be taken home, completed and turned in no later than Friday.

Download Gatsby ( Planet E Books free version ) into I books. Read the first half of chapter one for Thursday.