Intro to Art, Photo I, Adv. Graphic Design Update

Ms. Keck will provide class updates on her website. Please visit the link below for more information.


This week in Intro to Art

Students worked on the Islamic Tile Inspired Printmaking project.

There was a quiz over Art Vocabulary 1 on Thursday, February 23.

On Thursday, students received the Project Reflection for the printmaking project.

On Friday, February 24 a representative from School of Advertising Art spoke to the classes. The representative presented information about the school, art careers, and creation of advertising art. She showed many inspiring examples of advertising art to the classes. For more information visit SAA's website.

We will continue with the printmaking project on Monday, February 27.


This week in Intro to Art

Due Dates:
Tuesday, February 14 - Printmaking Thumbnails
Wednesday, February 15 - MC Escher handout

Don't forget . . .
Principles of Art Quiz on Thursday, February 16

We are currently working on Islamic Tile - Inspired Printmaking Project. Students will learn how to transfer their drawings to the block and how to carve the designs in the block.

On Thursday, students will learn basic art vocabulary terms, and there will be a quiz over those terms next week.


Zentangle Requirements

Zentangle Requirements:
  • 3 1/2 x 3 1/2" square drawing paper
  • Zentangle format - dot in each corner, lines connecting those dots, tangle designs - refer to packets in classroom for more info
  • At least 5 sections in the Zentangle string
  • Black Sharpie pen for tangle designs - dots and strings in pencil
  • Shading and coloring of designs - optional - See packets for info on shading

This is an assignment you will work on when you are finished with the regular class assignment. There is not a due date at this time. Hand in completed Zentangle tiles at any time. Please see me if you have questions.


Intro to Art - Altered Box Examples

The links below show a few of the artworks using boxes that I showed in class on Tuesday.


Intro to Art Final Project - 1st semester 2011-2012

Today in class I introduced students to the Final Project which will be an altered box. Please see the attached document for more information.Download file "FinalProject-Box-sem1-2011-2012.pdf"

The written proposal for the final project is due Friday, December 16 at the beginning of the period.


Intro to Art - Upcoming Due Dates

Tomorrow (November 29) is the last day to turn in Hand Drawings and Value Handouts.

Norman Rockwell Notes Handout and Kehinde Wiley Notes Handout are due Wednesday.

YAM Flag Designs are due Friday, December 2.

***All assignments are due at the beginning of the period on the particular day.


Intro to Art - November 28

Today students learned about Eric Carle through a presentation, and they were able to look through several of his children's books. We are using Carle for inspiration for fabric postcards. Students also viewed a presentation showing many examples of fabric postcards. I distributed three papers today:
  • Eric Carle Artist Notes
  • Fabric Postcards Project Description and Requirements
  • Fabric Postcards Thumbnails
Students completed notes on the first two papers, and for Tuesday they must complete two thumbnail sketches on the last paper listed above.

If you were absent today, please see me when you return for the information.

Students will begin postcard construction on Tuesday.

If you would like to bring in additional fabric and materials, bring them in as soon as possible. And, of course the Art Department will gladly accept donations of unwanted fabric!


This week in Intro to Art

We are currently working on a few different assignments.

Students should be finishing the following as soon as possible:
  • Painted Relief and Project Reflection - Hand in thumbnails too (Due Thursday, November 17)
  • Hand Drawing (Due Friday, November 18)
  • Value Handout (complete definitions and all value scales) (Due Friday, November 18)
When the above items are completed, students should work on the Youth Art Month Flag Design Contest.
The thumbnails for the flag are due Tuesday, November 15 at the beginning of the period.

Students should follow the requirements listed in the attachment sent to them through email.


All Classes - October 25

All art classes viewed a presentation from a representative from School of Advertising Art. The representative showed many cool examples of advertising art. See the website below for more information - and more cool advertising art!