Mar. 14-Eng 9

Today we reviewed the structure of the persuasive essay for writing preparation. Please make sure to get the notes if you were absent. Also, chapter 27-28 is due tomorrow.


Mar. 14-Eng 10

We covered tense and number agreement with verbs today. This component of our writing is very important for writing preparation. We also have a new NO RED INK based on these things that was assigned today.

*****Sorry for the posts not being there last week. The blog site would not load for some reason.


Mar. 8-Eng 9

Today we read and discussed much of chapter 17 in class. We focused on the cross-examination of Bob Ewell by Atticus the most. Tomorrow we will start the trial script in class.

HW- read chapter 19


Mar. 8-Eng 10

PERIOD 1- Today we wrote the essay from the prompt/pre-writing we worked on yesterday. This was turned in at the end of class.

PERIODS 5/6 and 8- We worked on the new NO RED INK assignment and we cleared up any make-up work that needed to be done while others finished their essays.

***Finish the new no red ink assignment for homework.


Mar. 7-Eng 9

We discussed chapters 13-16 in class today focusing on the mob scene at the jail, Aunt Alexandra's arrival, Dill's running away fiasco, and the inferences to be made as to why Harper Lee showed us a mob breaking up on the request of a child and not the adult.

HW- read chapter 18


Mar. 7-Eng 10

PERIOD 1- We used the practice test to read the passages and complete the pre-writing in class. We also discussed dissecting prompts as well. Please have the pre-writing for the prompt that was emailed finished for Tuesday.

PERIODS 5/6 and 8- We wrote the essay in class that corresponds to the pre-writing from Friday and the prompt. This was turned in during class.

***The NO RED INK assignment was due today also.


Mar. 4-SL

Today we read an article on business of sports and the implications of social media on sports and marketing. We also introduced the commercial project for your professional team. We discussed the implications of this technology on sports and their impact on the fan experience in society.


Mar. 4-Eng 9

Today we discussed the major themes and quotes from chapters 12 and 13. We read chapter 14 in class and 15-17 are due for Monday. Please get notes from someone if you were gone.

Have a great weekend.


Mar. 4-Eng 10

PERIOD 1- We reviewed subject, verb, and object (direct and indirect) of a sentence in class. We also went through the concepts of active vs. passive voice when writing. Please get the notes if you were gone. Also, the NO RED INK assignment is due Monday.

PERIODS 5/6 & 8- We read through the passages from the practice writing test and made our pre-writing organizer in class based on the prompt given. The passages and prompt were emailed to everyone.

******* If you have a missing Killer Words Quiz, you will make it up either Monday or Tuesday without exception since they are so late. *******

Have a great weekend.


Mar. 3-Eng 9

We discussed the importance of Harper Lee using subliminal symbolism in the book through the depictions and indirect characterization of members of the community in Maycomb. We also read chapter 12 in class. Chapter 13 is due for Friday.


Mar. 3-Eng 10

PERIOD 1- On Thursday we turned in our paraphrased paragraphs on the Washington Farewell address. We also read the FDR State of the Union address from 1942 as preparation for non-fiction reading.

Period 5/6 & 8- We reviewed subject, object, and verb of a sentence and their roles in active vs. passive voice writing. We also assigned a NO RED INK practice that is due MONDAY. Please get notes from someone if you were absent.


Mar. 2-Eng 9

We discussed chapter 9 and the symbolism of the "mockingbird" reference in class. We also read chapter 10 in class. Chapter 11 is due for homework tomorrow.


Mar. 2-Eng 10

PERIOD 1- We worked on paraphrasing the paragraphs from the Washington Farewell address I emailed. Each person had their own assignment. See me if you weren't assigned any paragraphs.

PERIOD 5/6 and 8- We read the FDR 1942 State of the Union address in class as preparation for the state reading test based on historical references. Please have this read for tomorrow.
Here is the link.


Mar. 1- SL

Today we took notes on types of persuasion. We also started to debate quickly, but will pick debate topics tomorrow. ALSO, make sure to submit your sports science brochure to me.


Mar. 1-Eng 10

PERIOD 1- We went over the poem "Sonnet 18" by Shakespeare on p. 728 in the textbook. We also read the poem "Fifteen" on p. 723, then read and dissected the essay on p. 747 as well. I assigned the Washington Farewell speech for homework (emailed).

PERIODS 5/6 and 8- We split up the paragraphs from the Washington Address from the email and had everyone paraphrase, study, and write down, in their own language, a summary of their assigned paragraphs. Each person was given 2 paragraphs to summarize and paraphrase. This was due by the end of the period. In PERIOD 8, we got to paragraph 46. SEE ME if you were not here for paragraph assignments.


Mar. 1, 2016-Eng 9

Today we had a reading quiz over chapter 8 and went over the chapter, its themes, and its symbolism in class. Chapter 9 is due for tomorrow. We also read the poem "Fire and Ice" by Robert Frost and discussed how it relates to the chapter.


Jan. 20- Sports Lit

Today we read two articles on the Business of Sports. The first was from a modern perspective written by a Stanford business graduate, and the other was from a summit of sports business in 1998 written on the marketing aspects of sports and how they were booming at the time. I emailed both the articles to the group. Make sure to read them both, and make sure to write down at least FIVE concepts/words that you are not familiar with. Remember we will study the persuasion in marketing of sports, which is very similar to the persuasion types we studied the past three years of English class.


Jan. 20- Eng 10

Today we worked on citation practice on No Red Ink in class. It is a graded assignment, so make sure to finish it up please. Also, we studied the counter-argument body paragraphs in the essay in the text book on p. 671. We took notes on how to structure the paragraph. We also turned in our introduction and counter-argument body paragraphs as a graded assignment that was due today.


Jan. 16- Eng 9

Today we studied the types of persuasion, both the ones in the book on p. 596 and the ones on the powerpoint presentation in class. Make sure to get the notes from a classmate if you can. We watched multiple commercials that showed each type we studied.

HW: Find an example of a commercial, magazine ad, etc., (either online or on TV) that uses all the types of persuasion we studied.


Jan. 16- Eng 10

Today we practiced how to mold together our reasoning for our thesis statement into the statement itself. I call this back-building. Make sure to get the notes on this from a classmate. We also read the essay on "Abolishing the Penny" for practice in how to construct a proper persuasive essay. We also looked at a student's example of an exemplary persuasive essay in the text. Please see pages 588-591and p. 671 in the text for review. We also went through our blueprint notes on how to write hooks and paragraphs.

HW: Write your introduction paragraph and your counter-argument paragraph over the weekend.